New Orleans - Lafayette Cemetery Mausoleums
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New Orleans Cemeteries

New Orleans. One of the most haunted, intriguing, and notorious cities in the United States. A place that I’d wanted to visit for years before I finally went on a whim for my 30th birthday. Best. Decision. Ever. Full of mouthwatering food, haunted history, voodoo, witches, alligators, and more, New Orleans is definitely one of… Continue reading New Orleans Cemeteries

Pumpkin Farm
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Syracuse Gets Spooky: The Best Haunted Houses in CNY

It's no secret that fall is my favorite season in central New York, and probably why I love living here so much. In addition to the beautiful fall foliage, apple picking, craft fairs, and fall festivals, there are so many things to do to celebrate Halloween! And Halloween happens to be a favorite holiday for… Continue reading Syracuse Gets Spooky: The Best Haunted Houses in CNY

Boston - Nightshift Brewery
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Eating & Drinking through Boston

Hopefully you read my last post all about finding budget-friendly things to do around Boston. Well, now it's time to eat! Some of the places mentioned before include restaurants, but those known more for their locations than their food - Top of the Hub and Cheers. Here I'm going to focus more on what to eat… Continue reading Eating & Drinking through Boston

Boston Harbor
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Boston on a Budget

Boston is one of the most popular cities in the northeast. Known for it's rivalry with New York City, the two cities share a lot of similarities but have drastic differences as well. I love both of them, for very different reasons. Boston has tons of history; you could spend days going on countless tours… Continue reading Boston on a Budget

Travel on a Budget Header - Adventure Fund
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How I Afford to Travel on a Budget

I love to travel. Everyone knows that. So I travel - a lot. Weekend getaways, roadtrips, international adventures, you name it. And I love every moment. The only thing I don't love is when people judge me because they think I spend too much of my money irrationally. I've said it a million times and… Continue reading How I Afford to Travel on a Budget

Cayuga Lake - Buttonwood Grove Winery
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Exploring the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail

New York State is home to so many landmarks- both historical and natural. It’s more than just the biggest city in the US and it’s the reason I love living here. One of my favorite regions in New York has to be the Finger Lakes region. Full of lakes, waterfalls, parks, wineries, and breweries, you… Continue reading Exploring the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail

German Beer Collage
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Why A German Beer Tour Should Be on Your Bucket List

My husband and I recently went to Europe to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary. Since he is such an avid beer drinker, I knew that we absolutely had to visit Munich, the beer capital of the world. And while we were there? We had to do a German beer tour of course! And I have… Continue reading Why A German Beer Tour Should Be on Your Bucket List