Priceless Travel Tips

  • Another free place to visit is a cemetery. Check to see if the local cemetery has an famous historical folks or celebrities buried there and pay your respects.
  • Looking for something to do in a new city? Find the nearest college campus and check it out! There’s bound to be some old buildings and artwork for you to see.
  • Heading to a city where an old friend lives? Don’t be afraid to send them a message ahead of time! It could lead to a free place to stay, a companion for dinner, or at least some great local recommendations.
  • Groupon can be your best friend… as long as you check the fine print! Some Groupon deals have ‘blackout’ days/dates, which are usually the most popular times people use them.
  • Before you book a hotel, check these two important things: location and parking availability. If you need public transport, you’ll want a good location in the heart of the city. But if you’re driving yourself, make sure you have a place to park your car and know how much it costs!
  • Don’t be afraid to travel with someone for the first time. It’s one of the best ways to get to know someone! And you might see things differently than you had before.
  • NEVER pay full price for anything! There are always deals to be found, whether it be a coupon code or a student discount. Shop around before booking your travel.