• Paris Catacombs Skulls
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    How to Visit the Catacombs in Paris

    Since it’s October, I’m full-speed-ahead in Halloween mode – visiting haunted houses, watching horror movies, and decorating my house with all things creepy. This past weekend I finally sat down to watch As Above, So Below after several recommendations from…

  • Kuwait Towers View - Kuwait Travel Guide
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    Kuwait Travel Guide

    Traveling to Kuwait? Find out everything you need to know to plan your trip. Cultural expectations, how to get there, transportation, traditional Kuwaiti food, where to stay, what to do... Also learn some basic phrases in Arabic to help you…

  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi Reflection Pool
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    UAE Travel Guide

    Traveling to UAE? Find out how to get there, how to get around, what the culture is like and more! Also learn some basic phrases to help you out.

  • View of Rio de Janeiro
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    Brazil Travel Guide

    Everything you need to know about traveling to Brazil - how to get there, get around, simple Portuguese phrases, and what to eat!

  • Japan - Ueno Zoo Giant Panda Sign
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    Tokyo Animal Attractions

    From cat cafés to artistic aquariums and giant pandas, Tokyo's list of animal attractions does not disappoint! Read more to learn about unique animal encounters in Tokyo.

  • Japan - Shinjuku Crossing
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    Unique Things to Do in Tokyo

    Tokyo is FULL of interesting and unique things to do. From the tallest tower in the world and ancient temples to claw machines and ninja restaurants, check out this list of unique things to do in Tokyo.