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A Long List of Gifts for Travelers

Today’s Wanderlust Wednesday I bring you a list of gifts to get for your travel-loving friend. Or, even better, gifts to get for yourself! So as the holidays are quickly approaching and people are asking you what you want, you can send them this list — or print it out, circle your favorites and stick it to the fridge! Sometimes it’s hard to find the best gifts for travelers since they aren’t looking for housewares. But don’t worry, there are still plenty of gifts for travelers that are sure to please.

1. A travel journal

When you travel, you have so many amazing experiences. Yes, many of them will stick with you and you’ll never forget them. But there will be so many moments to cherish. I am so grateful that I kept a daily journal when I lived abroad so I can look back on all of those memories. The good, the bad, the life-changing. Document those moments. You can find lots of great basic travel journals, or you can splurge and purchase this one that has scratch off maps and recommended attractions for different places you visit!

2. A scratch-off travel map

Speaking of scratch-offs, scratch-off world maps are one of the newest crazes, and for good reasons. They are an excellent reminder of all of the places you’ve visited around the world and a great conversation starter for visitors to your home! I’m a big fan of this map from landmass goods that we purchased through a kickstarter. It goes beyond the standard countries and divides the USA, Canada, and Australia into states/provinces. It also has flags of the world on the bottom, so you can scratch the flags of the countries you’ve visited as well!

3. Travel-themed jewelry

 Recently I was in a shop in Baltimore in which I saw a necklace that spoke right to me – it was a world map of the continents chained together. The price tag was too high for me to justify buying, but I found it on amazon for a quarter of the price! You can find it yourself here. Or, if you’re into a more vintage look, check out this globe pendant necklace.

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4. A packing list notepad

Love to travel, but you’re always forgetting something? Grab yourself (or your friend) a pad of these awesome travel packing lists. Now you don’t have to worry if you remembered everything you needed. No more wondering if you packed it for this trip or if you’re just remember packing it from your previous trip!

5. A passport cover

Now onto the more practical travel accessories. Every international traveler needs a good passport cover, both to protect their passport and to express their personality. 🙂 These passport covers are pretty awesome – affordable, come in a variety of colors and designs, and even have pockets inside for your credit cards and other ID.

6. Luggage tags

This is an obvious one. Everyone needs luggage tags for the unfortunate chance that you misplace or lose your luggage. Remember, every piece of luggage you have should have its own luggage tag – including carry-ons! When my husband and I got married, we had a travel-themed wedding and these luggage tags were our favors. Our guests LOVED them and are always happy to report where the tags have traveled around the world!

7. Luggage bands

It’s no secret that the most common luggage pieces are solid black. Personally, I have purple and hot pink luggage so it stands out on the baggage carousel, but luggage bands are another great solution. If you put a luggage band around your suitcase, you’ll not only be able to pick it out easily at the airport, but it’ll help keep your things inside in case the zipper fails. (This happened to a friend of mine when she borrowed my luggage to go to Europe… not fun.) These luggage bands are cute – they come in a variety of designs and can be purchased together with matching tags.

I hope this list has helped you get ideas for things to make your next trip a little more colorful and memorable. Or maybe it’s helped you to figure out what gifts to get your wanderlusting friend for his/her next birthday or holiday! If you’re looking for more camping-related travel gear, you can check out this previous post. Also, road trip essentials can be found in this post! If you have any other ideas for things to get for the travel lover in your life, leave it in the comments!

Happy travels!

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