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healesville-sanctuary-007One of the best things about Melbourne is that there is so much to see and do outside the city, and it’s all so beautiful! While I was living in Melbourne, I tried to explore as much as possible – including several trips outside the city.

Port Arlington (East of Melbourne)

The first trip I took was down to Port Arlington in search of a lighthouse. But, being on a limited time schedule, and not knowing exactly where we were going proved our search unsuccessful. Instead, we stopped a few times along the coast to take pictures and skip rocks in the water. Honestly, at one point I just kept driving until I found a stretch of beach with public toilets! Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! But it was all fun nonetheless.

After a few short stops and some spontaneous journeys down some random roads, it was time to head back towards the city. This time we knew to avoid Geelong because all of the roads through the city were closed for a bike event that weekend. Instead we drove along the country roads that reminded me so much of the roads to take to get to my camp back home. We stopped once along the way to take photos of the beautiful canola fields that lined the horizon in yellow.

Canola Field


Healesville (West of Melbourne)

The next day was time for road trip number two. After a bit of indecisiveness (you know me!) about where to go, I finally decided on Healesville Sanctuary. So we made the drive out to the countryside, this time east instead of west. The sanctuary was a really beautiful place, with all of the animal exhibits settled into the forest. It made for a lovely walk.

healesville-sanctuary-043The first thing we saw was the dingo exhibit – including the baby dingoes! Sadly, they were asleep, so we went and took a peek at the adults instead. We wandered around a bit and saw tons of birds. Inside one of the exhibits were emerald doves – one of my favorite birds. It’s not just that they share the name of my birthstone, but they’re also just beautiful!

Apparently we hadn’t had enough of the birds yet, because we decided to sit down for the birds of prey show. But it was so worth it! The birds flew right over our heads, nearly close enough to touch. The best bird by far was the black-breasted buzzard. They are known to pick up rocks and throw them against emu eggs to crack them open and eat the insides. As sad as it is, it’s really cool to watch the bird demonstrate it (with a fake egg, don’t worry!).

healesville-sanctuary-092After more wandering we saw wallabies, koalas, echidnas, more birds, goanas, even more birds… and kangaroos that we got to visit and pet! No visit to Australia is complete without hanging out with a group of kangaroos! On our way out we stopped by the baby dingo exhibit again and were lucky enough to find them up and running around. A few of the zookeepers had come to visit the pups on their day off, so they were in there playing with them. It was fun to watch as the brother and sister dingoes wrestled each other in the dirt. We made our way out just as the park was closing and began the drive home.


Have you taken any day trips from Melbourne? Let me know about them below in the comments!

Happy travels!

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