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Last updated on April 9, 2020.

The craft beer industry has taken the world by storm, and Syracuse has been no stranger to this. In the past few years, we have seen several new breweries pop up around town. So, I thought it would be appropriate to give you the rundown of each of them so you can plan your own Syracuse brewery tour! And remember, always have a designated driver or other means of responsible transportation if you plan on doing several in one day!

Originally published January 31, 2018. Most recently updated February 24, 2020. New brewery additions coming for Stout Beards, Anything But Beer, and Freight Yard Brewing.

Sidenote: Uber and Lyft are now operating in New York state! Get your first rides for free by using the links here.

Current Syracuse Brewery To-Go Options

Given the current worldwide pandemic and the closure of bars, restaurants, and breweries, things are different! Our Syracuse breweries have stepped up and are offering a variety of options to go. Check out which breweries are open when, and which options are available. Click the image to view the sheet with links.
I’ll continue to keep this updated as things change. Please email me if you have updated information for your brewery.

If you’re looking for something to keep you entertained while drinking your beer in quarantine, try a virtual tour! Check out this list of virtual tours, zoo webcams, and other live streams from around the world.

Syracuse Brewery List

Buried Acorn Brewing Company
Eastwood Brewing Company
Full Boar Craft Brewery
Hot House Brewing
IBU Brewery
Local 315 Brewing Company
Middle Ages Brewing Company
Talking Cursive Brewing Company
Willow Rock Brewing Company
WT Brews

Buried Acorn Brewing Company

Buried Acorn

Buried Acorn Beer

One of the newer breweries in town, Buried Acorn is located right near Destiny USA mall, so it’s got a prime location! Inside, you’ll find a great atmosphere and awesome bartenders, outside is a brand-new dog-friendly patio!

Brewery Info

Address: 881 Van Renssalaer Street, Syracuse, NY 13204
Hours: Mon 2-10pm / Tues 2-10pm / Wed 2-10pm / Thurs 2-10pm / Fri 12-11pm / Sat 12-11pm / Sun 12-8pm
Food: Rotating food trucks.
Other Drinks: Wines from Heron Hill
Games: Lots of board games. Plus, Wednesdays are for Tacos & Trivia!
Tap Handles: 16; all their own brews.
Flights: $3-4 per sampler
Pints: $6-7
To Go: Growlers fills & cans available
Dog Friendly? Yes!
Outdoor Seating? Yes – a brand-new patio/dog park
Merch? Yes – drinkware and clothing
Location: Across the street from Destiny USA – the perfect spot to grab a beer after a round of shopping! Or before. Or during…
Tap Room Size: Small/Medium – it can get pretty crowded during trivia or other events.

What makes them unique?

Besides specializing in sour beers, their interior walls feature really awesome art murals from Jeff, AKA @cafescrambler.
My favorite beer: The Belgian Spiced Wit

Eastwood Brewing Company

Eastwood Brewing Company

Eastwood started in 2013 as Double Barrel Brewing Company. But, due to copyright issues, the brewery was forced to change its name and settled on Eastwood, representative of the neighborhood where it is located. If you’re lucky, the brewery dog, Nessie (a yellow lab), will be there when you visit! (RIP Sally; you are dearly missed!)

Brewery Info

Address: 108 Walter Drive, Syracuse, NY 13206
Hours: Mon 4-8pm / Tues 4-8pm / Wed 4-8pm / Thurs 4-8pm / Fri 3-9pm / Sat 12-9pm / Sun 12-5pm
Food: No food made on premises; pretzels available to snack on. Also, food trucks are on site for events.
Other Drinks: Occasionally they have a craft root beer on tap!
Games: A few board games.
Tap Handles: 8; all their own brews.
Flights: $3 for 4 beers / $6 for all 8 on tap
Pints: $5-6
To Go: Growlers available
Dog Friendly? Yes!
Outdoor Seating? Yes – a few picnic tables
Merch? Yes – growlers, shirts, hats
Location: In the back of a warehouse in the Eastwood neighborhood. Near other shops and restaurants.
Tap Room Size: Small/Medium – it can get pretty crowded when they have an event going on. (And don’t park in the church parking lot across the street!)

What makes them unique?

Eastwood is full of Syracuse sports memorabilia. From the color of the paint to the decor on the walls, Syracuse is everywhere! Also, the tap list is always changing. Pete likes to experiment with different hops and flavors, so you’ll never know what will be on tap when you visit! Unless you visit their Facebook page of course.
My favorite beers: Kubal Espresso Stout (using espresso from Café Kubal) and the Apple Pie Ale

Full Boar Craft Brewery

Started in 2015, Full Boar recently celebrated their three-year anniversary with limited edition releases, music, and food trucks. The closest brewery to our house, we are regular clients of Full Boar, and even members of their mug club! We’ve gotten to know Dave and Eric fairly well. Both local guys with a passion for beer, they are fantastic at what they do.

Brewery Info

Address: 628 S. Main Street, North Syracuse, NY 13212
Hours: Mon CLOSED / Tues 4-8pm / Wed 4-10pm / Thurs 3-10pm / Fri 3-10pm / Sat 2-10pm / Sun 1-6pm
Food: No food made on premises. Snack bags of chips on every table. BYOF encouraged!
Other Drinks: Local wines and cans of cider available.
Games: Dartboard and pool table. Trivia on Thursdays!
Tap Handles: 14 – a mix of their own and other New York craft beers.
Flights: $6 for 4 beers
Pints: $5 for Full Boar beers / $6 for guest taps
To Go: Growler fills & crowlers available
Dog Friendly? Yes!
Outdoor Seating? Yes – a few tables
Merch? Yes – growlers, glasses, hats, and shirts.
Location: Located near the village of North Syracuse, very close to several restaurants
Tap Room Size: Medium

What makes them unique?

They offer a variety of events at the brewery. Live music regularly; food trucks on site for events. They do collaborations with other local businesses. Most recently they have done a beer-and-donut pairing and a beer-and-wing night. While you’re there, say hello to “Heavy G” – the real boar’s head on the wall above the taps. Also, Wednesdays are randall nights – they infuse one of their beers with different fruits, candies, or spices.
My favorite beer: Bearded Boar – Black Bear (a porter from a collaboration with Stout Beard)

Hot House Brewing

Hot House Brewing

The newest brewery to join the Syracuse brew scene, Hot House Brewing is located in the greenhouse at the corner of South Bay and Thompson Rd in Cicero. You won’t expect it to be a brewery from its exterior, but if you walk through the front shop, you’ll get to the bar in the back! I mean, you can also wander around the shop – there is some awesome artwork and food from local artisans and vendors for sale.

Brewery Info

Address: 6200 South Bay Road, Cicero, NY 13039
Hours: Mon CLOSED / Tues CLOSED / Wed CLOSED / Thurs 4-8pm / Fri 3-9pm / Sat 12-9pm / Sun 1-6pm
Food: Not unless you count pretzels!
Other Drinks: NYS wine and liquor.
Games: Nothing yet.
Tap Handles: 8
Flights: $8 for four beers
Pints: $5 (or $3 for a 5 oz pour)
To Go: Growler fills available.
Dog Friendly? Yep!
Outdoor Seating? Not exactly, but you can enjoy your drinks in a greenhouse!
Merch? Nothing for the brewery, but lots of local food and art for sale!
Location: In Cicero near Gillette Road Middle School. Not too far from other local businesses, but nothing walkable.
Tap Room Size: Small/medium

What makes them unique?

Hot House is located at Barone Gardens, a local greenhouse. I remember as a kid going there to get plants for our garden and food for our animals. Now, as an adult, I can go there with my dog and grab a pint to drink in the greenhouse. How cool is that?!
Also, not surprisingly, they grow their own hops! And they name their beers after local places in Cicero.
My favorite beer: Plank Road Porter

IBU Brewery

IBU Brewery

IBU is a unique venture located in North Syracuse. The small green building is behind the new pool hall and is easy to miss if you’re not looking! IBU’s mission is to provide brewing classes to homebrewers to help them learn how to make their own beer – a first for the area. Starting next week you can schedule time to use one of their workstations to brew your own creation on site.

Brewery Info

Address: 3703 Brewerton Road, North Syracuse, NY 13212
Hours: Mon 3-9pm / Tues 3-9pm / Wed 3-9pm / Thurs 3-10pm / Fri 3-11pm / Sat 2-11pm / Sun 1-7pm
Food: Nope.
Other Drinks: No.
Games: Cornhole, giant Jenga, and lots of board games. Also, they have smartphone trivia on Wednesdays!
Tap Handles: 11
Flights: $2-3 per sample
Pints: $6-7
To Go: Growler fills & cans available.
Dog Friendly? Yep!
Outdoor Seating? None.
Merch? Yes. Shirts, hats, and magnets.
Location: In the village of North Syracuse, close to other local businesses.
Tap Room Size: Small/medium

What makes them unique?

They offer classes to teach you how to make your own beer! How much more unique can you get? Also, several of their beer names are school related, which fits their theme quite nicely.
My favorite beer: Lunchbox Wit

Local 315 Brewing Company

Local 315 Flight

Local 315 is another newer Syracuse brewery; this one is located out in the countryside south of the city. the taproom is a bit out of the way, but worth the drive! Plus, you can see some cool Syracuse artifacts in the taproom.

Brewery Info

Address: 3160 Warners Road, Camillus, NY 13164
Hours: Mon CLOSED / Tues CLOSED / Wed 4-9pm / Thurs 4-9pm / Fri 3-9pm / Sat 12-9pm / Sun 12-6pm
Food: No food made on premises. But sometimes they have free pizza!
Other Drinks: Cider from Critz Farms on tap.
Games: Cornhole.
Tap Handles: 14 – a mix of their own and other New York craft beers.
Flights: $6 for 4 beers
Pints: $5
To Go: Growler fills available
Dog Friendly? Yes!
Outdoor Seating? Yes – a big patio with many tables
Merch? Yes – growlers, apparel, tin tackers. Plus other items from local businesses.
Location: Located out in the country; not very close to other businesses.
Tap Room Size: Small/Medium

What makes them unique?

They highlight the history of Central New York with artifacts and patents on the walls. Did you know that the foldable pocket knife and the adjustable shoe sizer were made in Syracuse? Well now you do! And they have a pink tractor. You can’t beat that.
My favorite beer: Lawn Jockey Wheat

Middle Ages Brewing Company

Middle Ages Knight

Syracuse’s 2nd oldest brewery, Middle Ages, has been around since 1995. Located in the former Sealtest ice cream factory, Middle Ages has expanded from its small tap room to a beautiful new public house (right next door!). The picnic tables and fireplace make the place so warm and inviting – plus their hours have expanded!

Brewery Info

Address: 120 Wilkinson Street, Syracuse, NY 13204
Hours: Mon 12-8pm / Tues 12-9pm / Wed 12-8pm / Thurs 12-10pm / Fri 12-10pm / Sat 12-10pm / Sun 12-8pm
Food: Just fresh popcorn, but feel free to bring in your own food! Sometimes food trucks appear with the expanded location.
Other Drinks: Nope.
Games: No, but there’s smartphone trivia on Tuesdays!
Tap Handles: Several!
Flights: $8 for 4 beers.
Pints: price varies
To Go: Growler fills available, plus pre-bottled bomber bottles & cans. Also, kegs are available for order.
Dog Friendly? No – the brewery has its own cats who walk around the taproom.
Outdoor Seating? No.
Merch? Yes – glasses, tin tackers, candles, clothing
Location: On the edge of downtown Syracuse, not too far from other restaurants.  Luckily, street parking is easy to find.
Tap Room Size: Large

What makes them unique?

As the name suggests, Middle Ages is themed after the medieval time period, and most of the beers reflect that and are British-inspired. To start, a full-size knight is there to greet you when you enter the brewery (unfortunately he is nameless; I asked). Every summer the brewery holds a huge anniversary celebration, complete with live music, food, and other festivities. They also offer a yearly membership which provides you with discounts on beer and merchandise.

Lastly, Middle Ages also brews the Ape Hanger Ale and Smoked Porter specifically for another Syracuse favorite – you can find the beers exclusively at nearby Dinosaur BBQ.
My favorite beer: Recess Coffee Stout (especially on nitro!). But the Swallow Wit is a close second!

Talking Cursive Brewing Company

Talking Cursive Brewing Company Flight

The newest brewery in Syracuse! Since Talking Cursive has been in the works for a few years, the brewers have already won medals for their brews. If you read their website, you’ll find out that they visited 175 different breweries while doing research for Talking Cursive. Now that’s dedication!

Brewery Info

Address: 301 Erie Blvd W., Syracuse, NY 13202
Hours: Mon CLOSED / Tues 11am-9pm / Wed 11am-9pm / Thurs 11am-9pm / Fri 11am-10pm / Sat 11am-10pm / Sun 12-5pm
Food: Yes! They have a small menu that includes some of the most delicious create-your-own baked potatoes ever!
Other Drinks: Other beers, wines and spirits from local NYS companies.
Games: A few board games to play.
Tap Handles: 15
Flights: $8 for 4 beers
Pints: $5-7
To Go: Crowlers available.
Dog Friendly? Nope.
Outdoor Seating? Not yet.
Merch? Yes – glassware and clothing
Location: At the edge of downtown – across the street from the iconic National Grid building and around the corner from Dinosaur BBQ.
Tap Room Size: Medium

Talking Cursive Baked Potato

What makes them unique? 

Talking Cursive gives a small percentage of their profits back to local charities. Also, they have “Hero Night” every Thursday from 4-8pm where military, police, firefighters, nurses, teachers, and other heroes bet BOGO on their first beer. How cool is that?!
My favorite beer: Dubbel Kubal – a collaboration with Café Kubal next door!

Willow Rock Brewing Company

Willow Rock Brewery

Willow Rock was started by a friend of ours back in November 2015. It has been a joy to watch Kevin and Rockney grow their business that began as a home-brewing hobby in their houses. Willow Rock has quickly become a favorite place to hang out to watch Syracuse sports and enjoy the local food truck fare!

Brewery Info

Address: 115 Game Road, Syracuse, NY
Hours: Mon CLOSED / Tues CLOSED / Wed 4-9pm / Thurs 4-8pm / Fri 2:30-8pm / Sat 1-8pm / Sun 1-5pm
Food: No food made on premises; pretzels for snacking. Also, there are food trucks on site regularly.
Other Drinks: No.
Games: Cornhole, giant jenga, foosball. TVs airing Syracuse sports. Plus, they have trivia on Wednesdays!
Tap Handles: 12
Flights: $2 flagship sample / $3 special release sample
Pints: $4
To Go: Growler fills, crowlers, and cans available.
Dog Friendly? Yes!
Outdoor Seating? No, but people often stand around outside. In addition, there are a few picnic tables outside for food truck rodeos.
Merch? Yes – glassware and clothing
Location: South of Syracuse, not too far from the university or city.
Tap Room Size: Medium/Large

What makes them unique? 

If you ask them, Kev and Rock say that they have the best brewery beards in Syracuse. If you ask me? The atmosphere and company is great! The guys are laid back and they are always looking to try out new events and get involved in the Syracuse community. They also host a food truck rodeo every week in the summer with rotating trucks available. Toss ‘n’ Fire Pizza is also available at the brewery year-round.
My favorite beer: Rhys – a chocolate peanut butter brown ale!

WT Brews

WT Brews and Pretzels

WT Brews has seen a lot of growth in the 3 short years it has been around. First, it began as a farm brewery on Patchett Road with a small taproom. Then it moved into the village with a pretty tiny taproom. Now they have a slightly larger space right on the waterfront – their best spot yet!

Brewery Info

Address: 18 E. Genesee St., Baldwinsville, NY 13027
Hours: Mon CLOSED / Tues CLOSED / Wed 5-9pm / Thurs 5-9pm / Fri 4-10pm / Sat 1-10pm / Sun 1-6pm
Food: No food made on premises; pretzels in bowls. BYOF encouraged!
Other Drinks: A handful of cocktails made with local spirits.
Games: A few board games and darts. Plus, they have trivia night on Wednesdays.
Tap Handles: 8
Flights: $8 for 4 beers
Pints: $5-6
To Go: Growler fills available
Dog Friendly? Yes!
Outdoor Seating? Yes – just a few tables. But you get a nice view of the river outside!
Merch? Yes – growlers, glasses, and shirts
Location: In the village of Baldwinsville; close to several shops and restaurants.
Tap Room Size: Medium

What makes them unique? 

They host limited release events for their beer throughout their year. If they announce the peanut butter beer or the Grodziskie, you better hurry! They don’t last long.
My favorite beer: Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge (duh.)

Do you have a favorite Syracuse brewery? Which one and why? Tell me in the comments! Then, get back out there and keep supporting out local businesses. 🙂

Also, follow me on Untappd to see what I’m currently drinking. Cheers!


    • dani

      Yes, I’ve been there. They just didn’t have many of their own on tap when I went, so I didn’t feel like I had enough to say yet! I’ll be back and include them on a post I’m working on about Manlius. Thanks for reminding me 🙂

  • Bre

    Just wanted to let you know that IBU Brewery does have games! They have cornhole and giant jenga along with a big supply of board games. I would also check out Seneca Street Brew Pub if you are visiting Empire Farm Brewery as you drive right by it in Manlius. A good mix of their own beer and from across NYS with a bottle shop too

    • dani

      Oh good to know! They didn’t when I had been there, but I’m fixing the post now. And yes – see my previous comment about Seneca Street. Thanks!!

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