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Syracuse Ice Cream Shops

National Ice Cream Day is right around the corner! Since it’s always the third Sunday in July, that means National Ice Cream Day 2019 is Sunday, July 21st. To celebrate, here is a collection of the best and most popular Syracuse ice cream shops.

Life is short. Eat dessert first.


Scoops Ice Cream Shoppe

Address: 8202 Brewerton Road
Hours: Open daily until 10pm
What makes them unique? Besides having great ice cream in gigantic servings, they have live music most Friday nights.
My “usual”: My standard – a peanut butter sundae!

National Ice Cream Day Special Offers:

Show up on Sunday and say “Happy National Ice Cream Day!” to receive any of the normal weekday specials. That includes half-price handmade ice cream pies, 2-for-1 Two Berry Twist, free upgrade to a waffle cone for a medium or large, and BOGO slushies. Enjoy!

Thee Diner & Ice Cream Stand

Address: 6043 Route 31
Hours: Open daily until 9pm
What makes them unique? Located right across the street from the local high school, Thee Diner and its ice cream hold a nostalgic value for most of the people in the community. Also, their portions are enormous!
My “usual”: A peanut butter sundae – what were you expecting?


JT’s Creamery & Café

Address: 514 Oswego Street
Hours: Vary; check their Facebook page for updates
What makes them unique? JT’s is definitely different than the rest! They have incredibly creative ice cream sundaes – like PB&J or topped with potato chips! The hard ice cream comes from Bassett’s in Philadelphia, so you’ll get to try something you don’t normally find in Syracuse. They also have several vegan and gluten-free options in the café.

Vicky’s Tasty Treats

Address: 680 Old Liverpool Road
Hours: Open daily until 10:30pm
What makes them unique? Vicky’s has been family owned & operated since 1972. In addition to the standard fare, they also specialize in Italian ice, orange sherbet, and black raspberry sherbet – all made in-house!

Vickys Ice Cream Stand


Sno Top

Address: 315 Fayette Street
Hours: Open daily until 11pm
What makes them unique? Sno Top is very involved in the Manlius community, form supporting the little league teams to offering free ice cream to encourage children to read. As far as the ice cream? They are the only place around offering old fashioned sodas and glaciers – slushies topped with ice cream!


Big Dip

Big Dip Ice Cream

Address: 216 N. Main Street
Hours: Open until 9:30 Sun-Thurs / 10 on Fri & Sat
What makes them unique? They offer my favorite soft serve: chocolate peanut butter twist! They also also seasonal soft serve flavors including maple, black raspberry, and pumpkin. Yum!
My “usual”: Peanut butter sundae with chocolate peanut butter twist soft serve.

Bliss Ice Cream Stand

Address: 7265 Buckley Road
Hours: Open until 9pm daily
What makes them unique? Bliss is definitely the most environmentally friendly of all the shops, using entirely compostable products. They also support other local businesses by featuring Recess coffee and Gannon’s hard ice cream. Located at Hafner’s, grab yourself an ice cream and enjoy while getting everything for you garden!
Bonus: there is vegan-friendly, dairy-free soft serve available.
My “usual”: Peanut butter sundae with espresso chip hard ice cream.

Plank Road Ice Cream

Plank Road Ice Cream

Address: 449 S. Main Street
Hours: Open daily until 10pm
What makes them unique? They offer my favorite soft serve: chocolate peanut butter twist! They also also seasonal soft serve flavors including maple, black raspberry, and pumpkin. Yum!
My “usual”: Peanut butter brownie sundae with twist.


Arctic Island

Address: 210 W. Seneca Turnpike
Hours: Open daily until 8pm
What makes them unique? Arctic Island has been around for over 70 years! It is connected to Broadway Café, so you can get a meal before your ice cream. They are also creative with their flavors and offer varieties such as lavender and Bavarian raspberry chip.



Address: 1525 Valley Drive / 4800 McDonald Road
Hours: Open daily until 9pm; 8pm on Sundays
What makes them unique? They have an enormous list of homemade ice cream flavors – and they are all amazing! Plus, the artwork inside the shop is incredible! As my friend says, “Their artwork inside the valley location is like if ice cream cones took acid and went to the beach.”
Bonus – there is also vegan sorbet available.
My “usual”: I go back-and-forth between the espresso chip and the Charlie Brown (chocolate peanut butter of course)!

Gannon’s has grown such a reputation that it comes in at #21 on Buzzfeed’s list of the 27 Ice Cream Shops You Need to Visit Before You Diein the world. Now that’s something!

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The Ice Cream Stand


Address: 200 W. Water Street
Hours: Open Sun until 7pm; Mon-Thurs until 9pm; Fri-Sat until 10pm
What makes them unique? The are the first ice cream shop in the heart of downtown, and also one of the newest around. The Ice Cream Stand offers gluten-free and vegan options, as well as coffee & tea. Check their Facebook page for upcoming events.

Syracuse Ice Cream Shops – What’s Your Favorite?

I’d love to hear which shop is your favorite and what your usual order is! Is it a place that is nostalgic because you went there as a kid? Is it a new favorite? Do they have something special on their menu?

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