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The Best Freebies in Any City – Wanderlust Wednesday #15

Hey it’s Wanderlust Wednesday again! This week we are looking at the free things you can find to do no matter where you go! Sometimes the freebies are not just budget-friendly, but they are also the best way to get to know a place and its history.

  • Visit the local library
    Libraries are free to visit and they each have their own special exhibit. Big cities and college campuses usually have the best libraries to visit (remember the library at the University of Rochester?). I even recently found out that my former college’s library has an Academy Award in the special archives. The Athenaeum in Boston has a book made of human skin! Find the local library wherever you go and see what makes it special.
  • Stroll the gardens and parks
    Gardens. Gardens everywhere! In every city there is green space. My favorite city for its parks and greenspace is most definitely Chicago. Between Millenium Park with Cloudgate, and other parks and fountains laid across the city, Chicago is winning in the park category. And Central Park in Manhattan? you could spend days wandering through the 843 acres and still not see it all!
  • Find public art
    Becoming increasingly more popular, you can find public art everywhere you go. Some cities have a collection of sculptures scattered around town. In Cleveland it’s painted guitars, Syracuse has horses, and you’ll find dolphins around Rehoboth Beach. Make it a scavenger hunt to find as many as possible! CowParade statues can be found in cities around the world as well. Another great form of art to look for is street art! Don’t be afraid to look down alleys or along the sides of buildings; some cities even have particular streets dedicated to street art. If you find anything good, share it with Cathy from #StreetArtChat!
  • Be on the lookout for wild animals
    Is the place you’re visiting known for a specific type of animal? If so, is there a commonly known place to see them more easily? There are waterways in Queensland known for spotting platypus, manatees are found in Florida, and moose in Maine! Be patient and see what you can see!
  • Honor history at a cemetery
    Yes, cemeteries are places of mourning and are generally a sad place to visit. But they are also fantastic places to honor the dead. Find the oldest cemetery in town and you’re bound to find some historical figures buried there. Do a little bit of learning and a little bit of remembrance by visiting their graves and paying your respects. You’ll find Edgar Allen Poe’s grave in Baltimore, Benjamin Franklin’s in Philadelphia, Susan B. Anthony’s in Rochester. History is all around us.
  • Chase waterfalls
    Even though TLC told us not to, sometimes it’s good to chase waterfalls! Are there any nearby? Find them! Take a hike and experience nature at its finest wherever you are. Embrace the outdoors and get yourself some great photos.
  • Find filming locations
    Movies and tv shows are filmed all over the place! See if there was something filmed wherever you are and relive a scene from the movie. It was both creepy and awesome to walk up the famous stairs from The Exorcist in Georgetown!
  • Check out memorials or other historical sites
    This ties in with some of the previously mentioned places, but be sure to find the monuments or historical places that are famous wherever you are. It’s no secret that Washington DC is full of them, but plenty of other places are too! Check out the mansions in Newport or the Brooklyn Bridge! The northeastern US in particular is full of historical buildings and monuments, as that was the region first settled by the Europeans.

Do you have any other ideas for freebies to do/find no matter where you travel?

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Happy travels!


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