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Thoughts Every Avid Traveler Has – Wanderlust Wednesday #11

My Initial Thoughts

For those of us who love to travel, we are used to the routines. We know what to expect at the airport, we know how to get around an unknown city, and we don’t stress about it because we live for the adventure! But no matter where we go, we are surrounded by people who don’t have the appreciation for the routines of travel and the complications that can arise. Some people feel entitled or overly stressed out. Others can come off as just outright rude. (Stop giving your fellow Americans such a bad reputation!)

Most of the time the people we come across are strangers along our journeys, but occasionally we have to coach our loved ones when they travel with us. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of things we all think to ourselves in different situations when dealing with those people who don’t travel quite as much as we do. This Wanderlust Wednesday, I bring you thoughts from myself (in italics) and fellow travelers (check out their blogs/social media!) Also, I tried to put a humorous spin on these, so forgive my sarcastic nature!

Quotes and thoughts from travelers

“Don’t judge me for taking so many photos. I run a travel blog. And my house is covered with photos from around the world. I’ll take all the photos I want!” 

“Yes I need to tweet about/Instagram/Facebook this. It’s part of my journey.”

“We get annoyed by people who say they have ‘done’ a country or city. ‘We did Bangkok. It was a washing stop.’ WTF?”

– Kate & Kris – Blog, Twitter

“Do you really have to stand there in the middle of everybody’s pictures? Okay you’re moving. Oh, wait. No. Nope, you’re still in the way. Really? Just move so I can get the picture I want. Please?”

“No, we don’t have to call the hotel to let them know we are coming. I promise. Really. We already paid for and confirmed the room. They know we are coming.”

“When you meet newbie travellers in hostels! All you want to do is sleep & they want to party/talk/find themselves! 🤣 We’ve all been there those first few exciting months but being a long term traveller time in the hostel bed is to sleep 😂”

– KH Travels – BlogTwitter

“Are you sure this is the subway line you want? Did you check if it’s going in the right direction? Oh, the stop you need is on the other side of the platform? Yea, you should really check that BEFORE getting on the train.”

“We are all getting on the same plane. You are not more important than the rest of us. Your seat is reserved. No need to rush past us. Okay, okay. Go ahead then.”

“I have a connecting flight to catch, please get out of the way. Come on, you just told your friend this is your final destination; you’re not in a hurry. The flight attendant just made an announcement that some of us have extremely short connections because of the delay, do you think you can move? There are people behind you who will be stuck at the airport because of you. Alright, I might as well go straight to customer service to request a new flight.”

“One thing that really annoys me is when a less experienced traveler or should I say ‘tourist’ takes one trip and then feels the need to come across as a veteran of travel.”

– Life is a Dream – TwitterYouTube

“I’m so glad that I got a dinner voucher from the airline when my flight was canceled. All of the restaurants are closed for the night already.”

 “What the heck. I’m trying to get off the train. You do not need to push your way on. Where are you going to go anyway? You need to let us off first so there is even room for you to get on. Thanks much.”

“You do not need to be rude to that person. It is not their fault that [insert problem here] happened. Yelling at them will only make things worse for everyone. You’re not helping. Please stop.”

“Do you really need to talk on speaker phone on public transportation? You know everyone can hear you, right? Do you realize it’s rude?” (Side note- this one applies to life in general!)

Well I hope you’ve all enjoyed the compilation of thoughts and quotes! Hopefully we can do this again sometime. A special thank you to my fellow bloggers who contributed to this post!

Happy travels!

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