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Traveler Holiday Wishlist: 2017 – Wanderlust Wednesday #16

With the holiday season quickly approaching and Black Friday shopping right around the corner, it’s time to put together the 2017 traveler’s holiday wishlist! Great ideas for a friend or family member who travels a lot – or as ideas to put on your own wishlist for Santa! For more ideas, check my previous post of 7 Gifts for Travel Lovers.

  1. An eco-friendly collapsible water bottle

    One of the biggest annoyances I come across when traveling is the liquid policy on airplanes. I always have a bottle of water with me, and I hate having to toss it before going through airport security. But while you may know that you can’t bring a bottle of water on a plane, you CAN bring an empty water bottle with you! Then you can refill it at a water fountain in the waiting area. Boom! Saved you a few dollars there. Even better, the collapsible ones take up barely any space in your bag!

  2. A messenger bag

    A must for any traveler’s wishlist! I know that I always feel more comfortable when traveling if I have a cross-body messenger bag. It’s more secure, holds just the right amount of stuff, and keeps your hands free! Find the style that you like and put it on your list.

  3. Plug adapters

    This one is especially important for international travelers. If you are traveling to a different region of the world, electronics will have different plugs and buildings have different outlets. Even if you’ve brought your own charger, it won’t do you any good without the right adapter! Luckily, adapter sets are easy to find and are a perfect addition to a traveler’s wishlist. Most sets offer adapters for every region, so you’ll be prepared no matter where you go!

    [amazon_link asins=’B074N428T7,B00C75L4O2,B00OP6GD9W,B0159VOT3I,B075JFPC42′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’wanderlusto0c-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c7d5fcee-cfa6-11e7-a329-b51f6f54d316′]

  4. A powerbank for your phone and/or tablet

    I think I’ve included this on every travel list I’ve made! That’s just how important it is. The last thing you want when you’re traveling is to have your battery die on your phone, camera, or tablet. So bring back up! And don’t forget to have it charged ahead of time.

  5. A cute toiletry kit

    It’ll make your life easier if you keep all of your toiletries in one bag. That way it’s easier to take out at airport security and any potential spills are contained. So, why not make it a cute bag?

  6. A travel wallet

    Yes, the kid in Eurotrip looked a bit nerdy with his travel wallet strapped around his waist, but it’s really not a bad idea. And you don’t have to look foolish – travel wallets now come in all sorts of cute patterns and designs, and include RFID blocking technology. Put one on your wishlist to keep yourself organized while traveling!

    [amazon_link asins=’B0194WDVHI,B01A6Q1DJO,B071VRKDDN’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’wanderlusto0c-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’58f1a926-cfa7-11e7-b089-f513912a7395′]

  7. Wine skins

    I know, you’re questioning this one. But I found it mentioned somewhere online that it’s a great idea to put wine skins on your wine/beer bottles when you’re traveling so the glass isn’t knocking on each other! What a brilliant idea! This would have been especially helpful when we brought some rum home from Belize because one of the caps cracked in my luggage. Next time, I’ll be prepared! Now you can protect the wine you’ve brought home for a friend. 😉

  8. A travel towel

    I’ve heard great things from fellow travelers about the importance of having a travel towel. They are lightweight, roll up small, and dry quickly! Perfect for traveling.

  9. Packing cubes

    This one is super popular in the travel community. Fellow travelers swear by them! And I’ve got to agree. Packing cubes are a great way to keep your things organized within your luggage. Put a set on your wishlist.

    [amazon_link asins=’B01MS2CIHF,B01A4ZXZIO,B075M5BGBQ’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’wanderlusto0c-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’1f18e5a3-cfa8-11e7-9500-11a12b05f0de’]

  10. A first-aid kit

    Accidents happen. Especially if you are around me. I’m bound to hurt myself at one point or another along a trip because I’m such a klutz. Someday I’ll tell you about the time I nearly broke my foot in Chicago. The x-ray came back fine, but I had a nasty black eye for about a week! I got sidetracked; anyway, have a first aid kit with you. You never know when you’ll need it.

  11. A down throw

    I don’t know about you, but I get cold very easily. And if I’m on a bus or a plane for a decent length of time, I want to be cozy and probably fall asleep. So a blanket is a must for me. The best part about this blanket is that you can use it to keep you warm or rolled up as a pillow! Whichever you need.

  12. An instant camera

    We all love our digital photos for oh-so-many reasons. But there is something to be said about polaroid/instant photos. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of them, maybe it’s the instant gratification. Either way, I’ve got a spot in my heart for my instax Fujifilm camera. The tiny photos are great for pinning on a bulletin board at home to remind you of your travels. They are also great to use in a make-shift photobooth at a party!

    [amazon_link asins=’B01M5BDK7F,B015D47MVW,B06WW64YM6,B0000C73CQ’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’wanderlusto0c-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’81518d00-cfa8-11e7-9913-3d032a4074bd’]

So what else is on your holiday wishlist this year?

Let me know in the comments!

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