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Traveler Holiday Wishlist: 2018

‘Tis the holiday season yet again! With just over a week left until Christmas, it’s time to finish up your shopping! If you’ve got a traveler on your shopping list, here are some ideas for some stocking stuffers and last minute gifts.

Stainless Water Bottle

I’ve gone through my fair share of plastic and glass water bottles, only to be disappointed. One leaks, another one got cracked, and yet another got left on a plane – oops! I finally gave in to the stainless steel bottle trend and I couldn’t be happier. My water still is refreshingly cold hours later! And now you can get them in adorable colors and designs!

… Or Wine Tumblers!

Maybe they are have enough water bottles, but you know what they probably don’t have? Stainless steel wine tumblers – perfect for a day at the beach or on a boat… Or a weekend enjoying the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail.

Travel-Themed Desk Calendar

Sometimes we have to be practical. We can’t spend all of our time traveling (unless you are super lucky!), so most of it is spent working at our jobs to earn the money to travel. So when that lucky person on your list is stuck in the office instead of the airport, get them a calendar to fuel their wanderlust and grow their bucket lists.

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Scratch-off US Map

I know, I’ve included my world scratch-off map in a previous gift guide. But this one is different! Just the United States, and not the whole world, with watercolor design as you scratch it off. It’s beautiful! So if your traveler stays mostly within the US borders, this is the gift for them.

Passport Wallet

Yes, yes, it’s a common thought. But this one is pretty awesome, and less than ten bucks. It has a pocket for your passport, so it’s easy to slide out, a wing pocket to hold your tickets and boarding passes, and a few slots for your cards. All with RFID protection and available in tons of different colors. I know what’s on my list…

Photo Printer

Let’s be honest, we live in a digital age. I love my Fuji Instax camera, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to see the photo before it’s printed? Now they have printers for that! You can use the instax film with your digital camera or smartphone and print the photos you actually want!

Stocking Stuffers

Spork Bottle Opener

Just the handy gadget you need! Need a fork? A spoon? A bottle opener? Well, here’s all three in one! Such a nifty little tool.

Travel Bath Sponge

Yes, most hotels have soap, shampoo, and your basic toiletries. But sometimes it helps having something from home, or something you use more often. These travel sponges are infused with nutrients, come in a travel bag, and are only $5.99!

Cosmetic Bags

Speaking of bath products, every traveler needs a good cosmetic case to bring his/her personal products!

Fabric Headbands

One of the last thing a girl wants to worry about as she’s off traveling is spending time doing her hair and make-up when there are so many things to see and do! Fabric headbands are a great solution to looking cute while spending minimal time getting ready in the morning.

Gift Experiences… Not Items

Most travel lovers have what they want and need. Sometimes it’s hard to buy for them! But you know one thing we always want? Experiences! So get your travel lover a night at a hotel, a flight to someplace new, or an experience at a local business.

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So what’s on your Christmas list this year? 

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